Thursday 22 September 2005

Here’s a true story connected to the LM Toy Company. Not many people apart from Alan Langston and myself, can trace its origin. Its full name was the Langston McDonald Toy Company. The founders were Ernest Langston and Ron McDonald. Ernie was married to Kathleen, my mother’s first cousin and they were closer than sisters. (Their fathers were brothers). Ron McDonald was Alan McDonald’s father. He was married to Rosie Nee Bacos. Both men raised large families that were a credit to them in later life. Their factory was an old shop in Princes Street south, opposite Alex Harris Ltd. (It was formerly the Allpress Clothing Shop). Alan and I were employed there for practically no wages .

These men could turn their hands to anything. They turned out a lot of toys and were years ahead of their time. Ernie had a beautiful ‘Hupmobile’ car. The seats were leather and moquette upholstery, blinds and flower vases inside!
Ernie was very good to my mother and there was always a place for our family in his car. It is true, my dear pen pal, that anyone who is good to your mother always has a secure place in your heart and memory.

Rosie Bacos was also a very close friend of our family. When Frank Nidd worked for NZ Railways as a young man, he came down to Dunedin and boarded with Rosie and Ron in Hope Street (the same house the Coorys occupied in later years). It was through Rosie that my sister Freda met her future husband.

Ernie and Ron sacked Alan and myself at least once a week because we never stopped laughing – especially when we were pasting whiskers on the rocking horses. In fact, I’m laughing as I write these words.
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