The Gathering
The Build Up

The Build Up to the Gathering

It was years in the planning. Years of eager anticipation, punctuated with moments of nervousness, doubt, and ‘what ifs’. I didn’t dare imagine it was going to be anything like the momentous occasion it turned out to be.

A couple of weeks on, and the afterglow gently lingers as a warm memory of a magical time together. The feedback has been overwhelming. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write, send cards, text, phone, or tell me personally what the weekend meant to you.

It was a truly humbling experience to have young and old alike, together to celebrate our rich Lebanese culture and to pay tribute to our forebears who made us what we are today. The sense of pride people obviously felt over the weekend was palpable and something I, along with others, will never forget.

There is information about The Gathering under the tab “More Gathering Info”. Please visit here for general information relating to The Gathering and information on how to view and order the photos taken by McRobie Studios.

Words cannot describe the deep feeling of pride and gratitude I feel as I write to thank those who made the weekend a wonderful lifelong memory. With sincere gratitude, thank you.

ليبارككم الله جميعا (God Bless you all).

Richard Joseph