Get Involved

Get Involved

From the Club’s Rules:


The objectives of the Society are:

To promote the interests and welfare of the Lebanese community.To promote the preservation of Lebanese language and culture, through social, sporting and educational means, organise social and educational events, seminars and workshops, support programmes for elderly and very young people. To act as a referral agency and provide an advisory and advocacy service for the members, including financial assistance and advice to those in need and to give aid to any members of the community in hardship. To gather and record information on community and families, historically and current. To provide a desirable venue as a focal point for a wide variety of activities involving our members and the wider community. To promote interaction and cooperation with other ethnic and community groups.


A person may be admitted to the Club by making formal application upon payment of the required subscription and such application shall be brought before the committee for approval. Each applicant must be of Lebanese descent or spouse of same.

Our Club seeks to embrace anyone of Lebanese descent, and nobody needs to feel obligated to become financial members. Anyone is welcome to send us an e-mail address and they will be able to receive newsletters and other information.

However, there are advantages in being a financial Club member, particularly if you live in the Otago/Southland area. You’ll receive more frequent information and be able to be involved in the various social functions and other events that we organise. As a financial member you will pay a lower price for Club functions and sale items. Also, most importantly, only financial Club members are entitled to take part in decision-making by voting at club meetings.