Samantha Michael's recap of her time at World Championships

Samantha Michael's recap of her time at World Championships

9th October 2012
Samantha Michael has written us a recap of her time at the World Championships.  It is below for you to read.  We would just like to take this opportunity once again to congratulate Samantha and her brother Peter for making it to the championships and making our community very proud.

"Hi Richard and Committee,

I have written out a recap of how my first Senior World Championships went.

Saturday 1st day of racing didn't quite go to plan but I was still happy at how I went it was the 15km elimination crashed straight off the line not ideal but we got a restart so I was happy with that and I didn't hurt myself so it was ok. At about 41 laps to go there was a big crash I jumped and got away well I thought I did and next minute i no I'm flying though the air and come crashing down on my right side and bruised my hip along with smacking my head on the ground this was not good! I couldn't get up by myself I needed help up but once I got up they decided to restart the race again (this does not normally happen) so I go and hop back on the line and didn't last very long as I didn't feel good on my skates at all next minute about 37 laps to go another big crash I didn't go down but it meant another restart and after this restart I survived about 2 eliminations before getting eliminated myself. I was very happy at how that race went the only thing I could have done to have performed better would have not to have crashed but hey that's sport and racing!

Day 2 started with a 500m sprint I'm not a sprinter but I went in it anyway and was pleased at how I went gave my legs a chance to stretch out, later that night we had the 10km points Elimination I did absolute shocking it just wasn't my day it all!

Monday 3rd day of racing 1km heat I had just finished warming up and came off to do some stretching and have a word to the manager to see who I have in my heat to find out they didn't even have my name on the start list well we thought that we got that sorted, well we were wrong then I go out to race and go on the start line and what happens no your not on our list it's the last heat anyway you will just have to go in it anyway! My heat went off the line so I thought great this will b a fast one I wasn’t on the front bunch which meant I had to chase them down as I did this they went up the bank and slowed down so I went straight passed to the front to try and keep the pace going and then got passed in the last lap and ended up 5th in my heat because it was the 2nd slowest heat only the winner went though to the semi.

So over all the track racing is all done and dusted I fully enjoyed myself and love every moment of it except the crash of course!

Now on to the road after a days rest!

The first race for me on the road was the 20km elimination started off well getting myself up in the pack and to the front Colombia nor Italy like this so next minute I find myself half way down the pack fighting to get back into the line, once I was in I was sitting quite comfy for a few laps next minute I realize I'm at the back off the pack and have to start fighting and moving my way back up to not get eliminated I managed to stay safe for a few laps and then got caught out and that was me. I have learnt a lot from this race
Day two of road was looking like the best race for myself as it was pouring down with rain and I love to skate in the wet let alone the rain so I was very excited to race, I was doing well then with in the first five laps I hit the one and only slippery patch in the track next thing I find myself sliding on my back passing the skaters in the pack I tried hard to get back on but as it was the 10km points they were sprinting so I lasted a few laps but soon enough got caught and had to pull out, I was very gutted that I crashed as I was looking forward to that race so much!

Day three was the 500m I'm not a sprinter but I think I still managed to pull out a personal best so I sure was happy with that!

We finished with a marathon I had dropped off the pack with a French girl and we were catching when we more or less caught the bunch I forgot there was a here pin corner coming up as I was in the zone next minute I feel like I'm going to crash and yip I did and ended up sliding into a tree along with smashing my face and a couple of teeth got moved it wasn't pleasant at all! So that was the end of my first senior world championships. With a trip to the hospital it's all getting sorted back here in Timaru, at a local dentist.

I would like to thank you once again for the support you gave me as I learned a lot and enjoyed myself and was so good to be able to watch my older brother Peter win not one but two world titles this was one amazing moment in my life! If it wasn't for your help and support I wouldn't of been able to see this and compete and enjoy my first senior world championships!

So thank you again

Samantha Michael