Ruby Taylor-Sayed's Website

Ruby Taylor-Sayed's Website

18th July 2013
Ruby Taylor-Sayed has sent me through an email with her website link, to inform us all of natural product she is involved with. Please read below an excerpt of her email to me, and visit her website for more information (link below).

"I am lucky enough to be involved with the most amazing products that myself and a few other guys have bought to Australia and about to launch in NZ too. The products make you feel better, look younger and live longer - the repair you at a cellular level and honestly exceed any expectations you might have. I have researched and trailed many many supplements and these are top shelf.

I am looking for entrepreneurs in NZ who are keen to make residual income and help people with their health. I have found that personal trainers, athletes and health aware people here are all over it, it's going viral. Even my doctor is taking the products and can't believe how good he feels.

The products are all natural with no side effects."