Emma Farry wins at the New York Big Book Awards

Emma Farry wins at the New York Big Book Awards

13th November 2019

We are so very proud to announce that Emma Farry's books have won at the New York Big Book Awards.

"Beloved" has won best book in the grief category and "Freedom Song" has won a distinguished favourite in the spirituality category at the New York Big Book Award 2019.

Congratulations Emma on this absolutely outstanding achievement, we couldn't be happier that you are receiving this recognition for your beautiful work. <3

Message from Richard below:

Dear Emma,

Congratulations on receiving such prestigious international recognition and awards for your books. Clearly this is a sign of things to come for you. Lyn and I and our family and indeed the whole Dunedin Lebanese community, couldn’t be more proud of you. What makes those awards even more special are the subject matter you have chosen to write about. Your darling mother will be beaming down her beautiful smile as always, but more particularly on this proud occasion and your father will be bursting with pride.

Best wishes for your continued success as an international author.

Warmest regards,