Digital site "Recollect" at Dunedin Public Library

Digital site "Recollect" at Dunedin Public Library

3rd March 2018

The message below is written by "Suraya Langston"

Dear, Lebanese Community,

I am currently putting many old photos and documents from the Cedars of Lebanon files on to the digital site "Recollect" at Dunedin Public Library which all of you can easily access by googling keywords such as Recollect, Cedars of Lebanon Club to see photos and memories of our families. Maybe you can also help identify unknown images or people by sharing with others in our community or contacting me by email at  Here is a link to the site:
Don't forget you can also put your family photos on the Recollect site by contacting Emma Milburn at the Dunedin Public Library at

A few examples are here.