Ben LaHood - Achievements in his field

Ben LaHood - Achievements in his field

14th August 2013
We have a lot of talent in our community, and Ben LaHood is certainly testament to this.

Please see the accompanying picture to read the article on Ben LaHood in the Magazine of Ophthalmic Optics. It covers the fact that Ben was the first person ever to be awarded 2 prizes in an ophthalmology diploma course run jointly by the Universities of Sydney and Otago. Subsequent to that article Ben won a third prize awarded by those 2 universities – the Anthony Molteno award for getting the highest mark in Optics.

Also below is a list of academic achievements that Ben has received.

Well done Ben.

Ben LaHood’s academic achievements:
  • Class Act prize awarded by Prime Minister for outstanding academic achievement (2001)
  • Dux of Bayfield High School, Dunedin
  • First ranked entrant into Otago Medical School, University of Otago
  • Otago University Medical School Prize in Anatomy
  • Otago University Prestige Scholarship in Medicine
  • Mary Shaw Prize in Surgery, Otago University
  • JAD Iverach Prize in Medicine, Otago University
  • John Parr Prize in Ophthalmology, Otago University
  • Graduated MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) with distinction from Otago Medical School 2007
  • Graduated Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmic Basic Sciences with distinction from Otago University (2011)
  • The Francis A. Billson Award in Ophthalmic Physiology from the Universities of Sydney and Otago
  • The Dr Adam Locket Award for Ophthalmic Anatomy from the Universities of Sydney and Otago
  • The Anthony Molteno Award for Ophthalmic Optics from the Universities of Sydney and Otago
  • The Jack Kilpatrick Memorial Prize from the University of Otago for the best clinical presentation at the Medicine Staff Round in 2012