Cedars of Lebanon Club News Feed http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz Cedars of Lebanon Club Interesting Articlehttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/112/Interesting-ArticleInteresting Article1504612800http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/112/Interesting-Articlehttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz536Interesting Articlehttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/112/Interesting-Article Gemmayze St Restaurant features in Dish Magazinehttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/111/Gemmayze-St-Restaurant-features-in-Dish-MagazineBelow is the link to a wonderful write up in the NZ Dish Magazine about Gemmayze St Restaurant in Auckland.&nbsp; You may recall we visited Samir Allen&rsquo;s restaurant back in August last year and wrote a news piece for our website about our truly amazing experience.&nbsp; <a href="/news/Gemmayze-St-Restaurant-18-Aug-2016" data-object-ref="scm_news:104">Click here for that story.</a><br /> <br /> Congratulations Samir on having your restaurant featured in a top NZ food publication.&nbsp; We are not in the least surprised.<br /> <br /> If you&rsquo;re in Auckland, please support Samir by visiting Gemmayze St Restaurant, whilst treating yourself to a delicious feast.<br /> <br /> LINK TO MAGAZINE WRITE UP:&nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://www.dish.co.nz/restaurant-reviews/article/2016/7/gemmayze-street">http://www.dish.co.nz/restaurant-reviews/article/2016/7/gemmayze-street</a><br /> <br /> Also;<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.breakbread.co.nz/#-my-friends-house">CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE STORY WHICH LED SAMIR TO PLANT HIS CULINARY ROOTS IN ONE OF THE MOST PICTURESQUE SETTINGS TO DINE IN AUCKLAND.</a><br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;1496923200http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/111/Gemmayze-St-Restaurant-features-in-Dish-Magazinehttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz531Gemmayze St Restaurant features in Dish Magazinehttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/111/Gemmayze-St-Restaurant-features-in-Dish-Magazine http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/110/Richard-Joseph-with-Lebanon-s-Foreign-Minister-Gebran-BassilThe President of the Cedars of Lebanon Club Inc Dunedin, Richard Joseph proudly presenting Lebanon&rsquo;s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil with two of the books the Dunedin Lebanese community has published; Lebanon&rsquo;s Children and Scattered Cedars, at a Gala Dinner held in Auckland in April 2017.<br /> &nbsp;1491912000http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/110/Richard-Joseph-with-Lebanon-s-Foreign-Minister-Gebran-Bassilhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz525http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/110/Richard-Joseph-with-Lebanon-s-Foreign-Minister-Gebran-Bassil Wellington Invite for the visit of Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants Gebran Bassilhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/109/Wellington-Invite-for-the-visit-of-Lebanese-Minister-of-Foreign-Affairs-Emigrants-Gebran-BassilIt&#39;s with great pleasure and excitement that we announce that the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs &amp; Emigrants, H.E. Mr. Gebran Bassil, is visiting Wellington on Wednesday 5 April 2017.<br /> <br /> Members of the Lebanese community in Wellington and the rest of New Zealand are invited to meet His Excellency at 8:30pm at the Intercontinental Hotel in Wellington. The costs of this event are covered by the Lebanese Government. Please register your interest by messaging the names and contact details of the family members attending (for catering purposes). Non Lebanese spouses and partners are most welcome to attend.<br /> <br /> If you don&#39;t wish to contact the Wellington Lebanese Group through their Facebook Group <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/nzlebanese/">https://www.facebook.com/groups/nzlebanese/</a>, you can email <a href="mailto:nzlebanese@gmail.com">nzlebanese@gmail.com</a> or text Paul on 027 575 5085.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Please feel free to add friends and family of Lebanese descent to our group Lebanese in New Zealand and share this event with them.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Please note: if you are closer to Auckland, a separate event has been created in the The Lebanese Society of New Zealand Inc Group on 4 April 2017 in Auckland.<br /> &nbsp;1490007600http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/109/Wellington-Invite-for-the-visit-of-Lebanese-Minister-of-Foreign-Affairs-Emigrants-Gebran-Bassilhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz524Wellington Invite for the visit of Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants Gebran Bassilhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/109/Wellington-Invite-for-the-visit-of-Lebanese-Minister-of-Foreign-Affairs-Emigrants-Gebran-Bassil Award for Digitisation Centre at Dunedin Public Librarieshttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/108/Award-for-Digitisation-Centre-at-Dunedin-Public-LibrariesWe are extremely proud to inform you all that the Dunedin Public Libraries was awarded the Community Builder Award at the 2016 National Digital Forum conference yesterday, for &ldquo;forging an important relationship with the Cedars of Lebanon, the local Lebanese community in Dunedin to create a digitisation centre for the wider community.&rdquo;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Heritage Collection Librarian, Lorraine and Digital Outreach Coordinator Emma Milburn were in attendance to receive the award that recognises the work done to make <em>Scattered Seeds</em> the valuable tool it is, bringing a part of New Zealand&rsquo;s digital culture and heritage to life.<br /> <br /> Bernie Hawke, Group Manager Arts and Culture of the DCC said, &ldquo;This is a significant national recognition for the work that would not have happened without the support and generosity of the Cedars of Lebanon Club.&nbsp; Thank you again for your support to create this wonderful community cultural resource that <em>Scattered Seeds</em> is becoming.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> This is a wonderful acknowledgement of the hard work and collaboration between the Cedars of Lebanon Club and Dunedin Public Libraries, and we are very proud this project has had national recognition.1479985200http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/108/Award-for-Digitisation-Centre-at-Dunedin-Public-Librarieshttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz517Award for Digitisation Centre at Dunedin Public Librarieshttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/108/Award-for-Digitisation-Centre-at-Dunedin-Public-Libraries Lebanese Independence Day Celebration in Aucklandhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/107/Lebanese-Independence-Day-Celebration-in-AucklandHi Everyone,<br /> <br /> Below is a link to an event being held in Auckland on 26th of November for Lebanese Independence Day. If you&#39;re in Auckland, we encourage you to pop along for plenty of delicious traditional food, and a celebration of our heritage. Our President, Richard Joseph will be talking at this event, representing the Dunedin Cedars of Lebanon Club. For more information, please&nbsp; click on the link and &quot;like&quot; the Facebook below page. Yalla Yalla!<br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/lebaneseindependencedaynz/">https://www.facebook.com/lebaneseindependencedaynz/</a>1478170800http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/107/Lebanese-Independence-Day-Celebration-in-Aucklandhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz516Lebanese Independence Day Celebration in Aucklandhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/107/Lebanese-Independence-Day-Celebration-in-Auckland Refugee Driving Lessonshttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/106/Refugee-Driving-LessonsAfife Harris has sought funding from the Otago Motor Club Trust (handover of $3000 cheque featured in the photo) in order to assist her in providing free driving lessons to as many new refugees as possible.&nbsp; Such a wonderful initiative and once again Afife is doing our community proud by helping these wonderful people feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The people featured in the photos are; Afife Harris, Margaret Woodford, Manahel Haroara Ahlam Safar (next in line to receive lessons), Jim Pine (Driving Instructor), and Norman Oakley (Trustee from the Otago Motor Club).&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1474372800http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/106/Refugee-Driving-Lessonshttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz513Refugee Driving Lessonshttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/106/Refugee-Driving-Lessons Gemmayze St Restaurant http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/104/Gemmayze-St-RestaurantI&rsquo;m very mindful as I write this that every Lebanese person thinks their mother is the best cook, but I&rsquo;m going out on a limb to say that if you want to taste the best Lebanese cuisine in the country (or anywhere for that matter) Gemmayze St Restaurant in the St Kevin&rsquo;s Arcade in K Road in Auckland is the place to go. I&rsquo;m not even going to attempt to describe the vast array of tastes, the beautiful presentation, or the quality of the ingredients because I would run out of superlatives.<br /> <br /> Samir Allen (pictured with his proud mum Liane Farry-Allen) spent four years studying to be a chef in Beirut. From the first mouthful that training, and attention to detail is obvious. I dare say he would have gleaned a lot of secrets from his mother, grandmother Pauline and aunties over the years (all of whom are wonderful cooks in their own right). I know his grandfather the late, great Anthony&nbsp;Thomas Farry will be looking down on him as he beams with pride and provides sage guidance.<br /> <br /> I&rsquo;m picking there will soon be a 3-4 week waiting list to get into this restaurant, so don&rsquo;t say you haven&rsquo;t been warned.<br /> <br /> Suctane!<br /> Richard Joseph1471435200http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/104/Gemmayze-St-Restauranthttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz508Gemmayze St Restaurant http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/104/Gemmayze-St-Restaurant A Tribute: Pamela Diana Farryhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/105/A-Tribute-Pamela-Diana-FarryA tribute to the life and times of Pamela Diana Farry (nee Duff), cherished wife, beloved mother, treasured nana and special friend to all who knew her. It has been compiled by her husband John and her children, Emma, Joseph, Annabel, Claudia and Olivia with love and gratitude.<br /> <br /> Please click on the link below to view the beautiful tribute to one of the world&#39;s most beautiful souls.<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/files/511/file/A-Tribute-Pamela-Diana-Farry-pdf">http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/files/511/file/A-Tribute-Pamela-Diana-Farry-pdf</a>1471435200http://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/105/A-Tribute-Pamela-Diana-Farryhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz512A Tribute: Pamela Diana Farryhttp://www.cedarsoflebanon.org.nz/news/105/A-Tribute-Pamela-Diana-Farry