About the Cedars of Lebanon Club

About the Cedars of Lebanon Club

Between 1860 and 1900 thousands of hardy young Lebanese left their homes to travel to the furthest reaches of the world seeking fame and fortune.

The United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many other countries benefited from the resulting influx of entrepreneurial Lebanese migrants. At the southernmost edge of the Pacific Ocean, Aoteoroa, New Zealand became the world’s most southerly home for many young Lebanese.

Today the children and descendants of these Lebanese adventurers, have become valued citizens of their new 'adopted' country while treasuring genetic, emotional links to the 'old country'.

This site has been developed as a resource to retain these links, to provide backgrounds to the families that have made the journey, and to nourish a greater awareness of the New Zealand Lebanese, and their proud Lebanese heritage.


President:   Richard Joseph  (see photo)

Treasurer: Martin George

Website Coordinator: Victoria Joseph

Committee: Afife Harris, Peter Coory, Adam Harris, Margaret Woodford

Legal Advisor: Jason LaHood

Club Members

George & Allison Barbara
Gloria Beulink
Sonja Birch
Margaret Bowen
Madeline Byrne
Jim & Margie Churchman
Chris & Paula Coory
Doreen & Rosemary Coory
Frank Coory
Lois Coory
Maria Coory
Peter & Barbara Coory
Josephine Darroch/Peter Meehan
Allan & Glennys Espie
Clark & Shirley Evans
Butch Farr
Victor Farr
Gabriel Farry
John Farry
Malcolm & Lynn Farry
Sue Farry
Richard & Christine Farry
Saba Farry
Pauline Farry and family
Tony & Tracy Farry
Ferris Family
Richard & Robin Fraser
Benjamin & Lecia Mihaka George
Jessie & Troy Simonsen George
Maree George
Martin & Denise George
Peter J. George
Paula George
Peter R. George
Phillip George
Vincent George
Diane George
William George
Phillip Gillen & Joanne Currie
Bill & Affifi Harris
Richard Isaac
David Joseph
Richard & Lyn Joseph
Diana Kearns
Cheryl LaHood
Garry LaHood
Gordon & Beverly LaHood
Jason & Sherrie LaHood
Joe, Edward & Adam LaHood
Richard & Mary LaHood
Mary Langston
Suraya & Kovido Maddick Langston
Suzanne McPhee
Josephine Michael
David Michael
Paul Michael
Peter & Shelagh Michael
Richard & Lise Michael
John Milne
Peter Mitchell
Nora Newman
Frank Nidd
John & Jane Nidd
Mike & Liz Nidd
Peter & Bev Palmer
Gary & Anne-Marie Patterson
Zita Ramsay
Kay Reiber
Bert Reid
Anne Reid 
Anthony Revill
Paul Rowcroft
Lynette Shrimpton
Paul Sortehaug
Gaylene and Kevin St John
Leila Taylor
Tom & Margaret Williams
Margaret & Bob Woodford
Amanda Woodford


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