Farry-Rowcroft Family

In Dunedin’s Southern Cemetery are two tombstones side by side. They read:

“In loving memory of Christina. Beloved wife of Joseph Hannah. Died 20 October 1942. Aged 64 years. Also Joseph. Died 23rd March 1960. Aged 83 years.”


“In loving memory of my dear husband Anthony Coory. Died 3 February 1943. Aged 101. In loving memory of our dear mother Amelia Farry. Died 16 September 1944. Aged 62 years. We miss thee from our home dear mother. R.I.P. In loving memory of Shariffe Coory. Died 16 March. Aged 84. R.I.P.”

Both families made the long voyage from Lebanon and settled in Dunedin. The accidental juxtaposition of these two headstones is significant. One grandchild from each union, met, fell in love and married. They went on to produce another generation – proud, successful and passionate about their heritage.

Richard Farry LL.B, son of Saba Farry and Bideah nee Letoof met Christine Rowcroft SRN, daughter of Tony Rowcroft and Madeline nee Hannah. He was born and raised in Gore and educated at St Kevin’s College Oamaru and Otago University. She was born and raised in Dunedin and educated at St Philomena’s College and The Dunedin School of Nursing. They have five children, Paul, Jacqueline, Kimberley, Fahra and Leila.

Richard established his firm, Farry and Co., in Dunedin in 1968 as a sole practitioner. It is now a large and well respected entity in Dunedin. Paul and Fahra followed their father into law. In 1995 Paul opened the Auckland office of Farry and Co. where he is now ably assisted by his sister Fahra. A wedding date for Paul and fiancé Angelina Parlane is about to be announced??! Jacqui put her burgeoning career as a television producer on hold to produce the beautiful Bideah Lilian Bruce (with a little help from her partner, Clinton Bruce). Kimberley returned from her eight year O.E. and was followed by her soon to be husband, Gerard Smith. They have produced two delicious sons Sebastian Farry Smith and William Gerard Richard Smith. Leila, the youngest, has put on hold a career in the business end of the film industry to complete her “compulsory O.E.”.

All five children were born, raised and educated in Dunedin and all proudly hold degrees from Otago University.

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