Arabic Language - Otago University Summer School - 24th Sep 2013

Arabic Language - Otago University Summer School Hi All,

Afife Harris has just let me know that The Otago University have confirmed to run an Arabic language paper during Summer School, lectured by Afife herself. Dates are: January 6 - February 20th 2014 . If you want to learn/brush up on your Arabic, then please click the below link for more information.

Ben LaHood - Achievements in his field - 14th Aug 2013

Ben LaHood - Achievements in his field We have a lot of talent in our community, and Ben LaHood is certainly testament to this.

Please see the accompanying picture to read the article on Ben LaHood in the Magazine of Ophthalmic Optics. It covers the fact that Ben was the first person ever to be awarded 2 prizes in an ophthalmology diploma course run jointly by the Universities of Sydney and Otago. Subsequent to that article Ben won a third prize awarded by those 2 universities – the Anthony Molteno award for getting the highest mark in Optics.

Also below is a list of academic achievements that Ben has received.

Well done Ben.

Ben LaHood’s academic achievements:

  • Class Act prize awarded by Prime Minister for outstanding academic achievement (2001)
  • Dux of Bayfield High School, Dunedin
  • First ranked entrant into Otago Medical School, University of Otago
  • Otago University Medical School Prize in Anatomy
  • Otago University Prestige Scholarship in Medicine
  • Mary Shaw Prize in Surgery, Otago University
  • JAD Iverach Prize in Medicine, Otago University
  • John Parr Prize in Ophthalmology, Otago University
  • Graduated MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) with distinction from Otago Medical School 2007
  • Graduated Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmic Basic Sciences with distinction from Otago University (2011)
  • The Francis A. Billson Award in Ophthalmic Physiology from the Universities of Sydney and Otago
  • The Dr Adam Locket Award for Ophthalmic Anatomy from the Universities of Sydney and Otago
  • The Anthony Molteno Award for Ophthalmic Optics from the Universities of Sydney and Otago
  • The Jack Kilpatrick Memorial Prize from the University of Otago for the best clinical presentation at the Medicine Staff Round in 2012

Genetic Mapping - Next Wednesday - 31st Jul 2013

Genetic Mapping - Next Wednesday

The Longest Journey: From Africa to Aotearoa – Genetic Mapping

Greetings Folks,

We have the privilege of having Lisa Matisoo-Smith, who is a Professor of Biological Anthropology at the University of Otago, coming to talk to our Lebanese Community on Wednesday 7th August at the upstairs function room at The Kensington (situated at the edge of the Oval in Dunedin) from 7pm.

Lisa is currently conducting research tracing the history of the human settlement of New Zealand by using specific genetic markers of ancestry.

Aim of the project:

National Geographic is collecting genetic data from over 100,000 individuals around the world to study deep ancestry. All individuals hold unique markers of their family history in their DNA. These markers can be traced back through time and across the globe to eventually allow us to draw the family tree of all humans.

Lisa has kindly offered to profile the Lebanese community in Dunedin. She will explain how that process works at the above talk. In short, the process they use will enable individuals/families to trace what countries our ancestors came from as far back as ten thousand years. This is an opportunity not to be missed.
Please register early to assist with the organising of this event.

For more information regarding the background of this study, please email Victoria:

To register to come to this talk and to be tested for a genetic map, please contact Victoria by Monday 5th August. This is free of charge, however we need to know numbers. Thank you.

Call to Action - Revised edition of Lebanon's Children - 22nd Jul 2013

Call to Action - Revised edition of Lebanon's Children Hi All,

As most of you will be aware, we are currently finalising the revised edition of the book ‘Lebanon’s Children’. We are so pleased with the way it has come together, it looks fabulous, and is a very special document on the Dunedin Lebanese families.

The next step is to come up with a name for this book, and we would like to invite the wider community’s input. Please email me at: with any ideas you have for the title of this revised edition.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ruby Taylor-Sayed's Website - 18th Jul 2013

Ruby Taylor-Sayed's Website Ruby Taylor-Sayed has sent me through an email with her website link, to inform us all of natural product she is involved with. Please read below an excerpt of her email to me, and visit her website for more information (link below).

"I am lucky enough to be involved with the most amazing products that myself and a few other guys have bought to Australia and about to launch in NZ too. The products make you feel better, look younger and live longer - the repair you at a cellular level and honestly exceed any expectations you might have. I have researched and trailed many many supplements and these are top shelf.

I am looking for entrepreneurs in NZ who are keen to make residual income and help people with their health. I have found that personal trainers, athletes and health aware people here are all over it, it's going viral. Even my doctor is taking the products and can't believe how good he feels.

The products are all natural with no side effects."


Jane La Hood's website - 17th Jul 2013

Jane La Hood's website Hi All,

Here is the link to Jane La Hood's website, Mr W & Me:

She has recently travelled to Italy to buy stunning shoes for her website.  Check them out Ladies (and Gents, if you'd like to treat your lady)

'Threads' - written by Joseph La Hood and Cheryl La Hood - 16th Jul 2013

Threads - Cover It is with much pleasure that I give you the link to the much anticipated book 'Threads'.  Joe and Cheryl La Hood have lovingly put together an historical account of the Dunedin La Hood family's immigrant experiences in New Zealand.

The full book is situated in the 'Downloads' section of our website.  Please click here to be taken to that section.

Joe Michael captures NZ as you've never seen it before... - 16th Jul 2013

Joe Michael captures NZ as you've never seen it before... It's New Zealand as you've never seen it.

Over two years, cameraman Joe Michael has hiked New Zealand's terrain to remote locations, capturing our landscape through thousands of photographs to create a time lapse video.

The result is art. Breathtaking time lapses of land and sky using a camera straight off the shelf.

Click here to see the story Campbell Live ran on Joe and his amazing piece of work.

Also,  here is a link to Joe's website:

And here is a link to his Facebook page; Dark Cloud : White Light

Congratulations Joe, on bringing us a spectacular view of our beautiful country.

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