UNICEFs Ricky Martin in Lebanon - 12th Jun 2016

Here is a great video from UNICEF Lebanon.  Click on link below article.

UNICEFs Ricky Martin in Lebanon

"We are in the sixth year of a crisis that has impacted the lives of millions of children and their families. An estimated 2.8 million children are now out of school in the region. I met children who have been forced to become breadwinners for their families, working up to 12 hours a day. The world must do more to make sure these children are protected,” said UNICEFs Goodwill Ambassador, as a two day visit to to Lebanon came to an end.

The purpose of Ricky Martin's visit was to highlight the plight of more than 1 million Syrians that have sought refuge in Lebanon since 2011.



Visit to St Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church - 12th Jun 2016

Visit to St Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church We have just received notification from the Southern Heritage Trust that they are planing a visit to St.Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church (Kaneese). We thought that some COL members may be interested.
Details are:

Visit to St Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church built in 1911. It is the oldest purpose built Orthodox Church in NZ and Australasia.
Saturday 25th June 2016 at 3 pm
Father Carl will speak about the history of the church and the cultural background of the parishioners, and he will take us on a tour around the church. Questions are welcome.
Donation $5 cash per person payable on arrival.
(RSVP if coming)
Ann Barsby
03 4790169

Cedars of Lebanon Digitisation Centre - 25th May 2016

As you may all be aware, the Cedars of Lebanon Club have made a donation to the Dunedin Public Libraries to install the Lebanese History Digitisation Centre.  Below is the link to the Dunedin News video explaining the Centre and interviewing Richard about the installation.  Please visit the Centre and have a look at how wonderful this project is.  Another legacy left by our Club in preserving the history of our people and culture.


ANZAC Wreath Laid from COL Community - 1st May 2016

As always on ANZAC Day, a wreath was laid in honour of our fallen service men and women, on behalf of the Cedars of Lebanon Community Dunedin.  Lest We Forget.

Kairuz Family: Its members originated from Ain Halya, Syria. - 2nd Mar 2016

Kairuz Family: Its members originated from Ain Halya, Syria. Here is a post from Wendy Fakhry Gretton about the "Kairuz Family Origins: Its members originated from Ain Hayla, Syria"  Thank you to Ruth Vettiner for the research.

1. Kairuz Family: Its members originated from Ain Halya, a city in Syria. They immigrated to Becharre in vast numbers during the year 1438.

2. Geagea Family: This family was established by the nephew of the Patriarch Youhanna Aljaji who came with his uncle from Jaj in the year 1455.

3. Rahme Family: The first grandfather originated from Akkar, and the family was founded in Becharre during the year 1623. The family acquired the surname of the mother, "Rahme", who had three sons whose names were: Aoun, Akiki and Rahme. The latter was known as Father Francis after he joined the church. He later married but remained known as "the son of Rahme".

4. Succar Family: Opinions and information clash concerning the origin of this family, but it seems that it originated from the village of "Succara", found between Horns and Hamah in Syria. Its members inhabited Aldanniya and Akkar at first, but then moved on to Becharre during the end of the eighteenth century. However, it is noted that some arrived in Becharre during the seventeenth century.

5. Taouk Family: This family originated from the mountains of Toukan in Turkey, They emigrated from Turkey in large masses during 1630. In the beginning, they lived in the village of Rahba in Akkar and stayed there for seven years, but later moved to Kabait for five years. After that the members progressed to Becharre for good.

6. Fakhry Family: This family originated from Bilad Ma Bain Alnahrain (Iraq), in Alfagheri.. Its members immigrated to Asnoun, one of the villages in the region of coastal Becharre. With the dawn of the sixteenth century, the family moved to the village of Becharre but then they moved to Andq'it from the year 1750 to 1759. Part of the family later returned to the village of Becharre while the rest stayed in Andq'it.

7. Chidiac Family: Historians state that this family originated from the village of Ban in the region of Becharre. Others mention that it extended from the original family of Jemaa Abi Keyrouz. It became known in Becharre during the last quarter of the sixteenth century.

8. Arida Family: This family originated from the village of Akoura. Its members first immigrated to Arida, then to Tripoli, and finally to Becharre. They got their surname from the first village they inhabited, Arida. They arrived in Becharre during the sixteenth century.

9. Gibran Family: This family originated from Al Sham in Syria. They immigrated to the village of Bchaaley in the higher regions of Batroun. In 1672 three brothers immigrated from Bchaaley to Becharre and lived there.

10. Shbeyaa Family: It is one of the oldest families in Becharre. Its origins have been debatable, for some say that it originated from Zabr Safraa while others state that they originated from the Bustani Family, which immigrated from Bkarkat.

Thank you to Ruth Vettiner for research.

Maronite Christians - Call to attention - 19th Feb 2016

Hi Everyone,

We are currently trying to source information regarding Maronite Christians living in Otago/Southland. 

Our question is; are there Lebanese in the Otago/Southland region who consider themselves to be Maronites or have we all been assimilated by default into the Latin Rite?

If you have any information on this, or consider yourself Maronite - would you please get in touch with Malcolm Farry by emailing:  mfarry@farrygroup.co.nz

Thank you for your help.

COL Committee

Richard Reid Celebrates 103rd Birthday! - 22nd Dec 2015

Richard Reid Celebrates 103rd Birthday! www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/367473/meal-ages

Click on the above link to view the ODT article on Richard Reid celebrating his 103rd birthday at the Best Cafe in Dunedin.  What a remarkable milestone.  Happy Birthday, Richard from us all in the Cedars of Lebanon Community.

Professor Bill Harris - Wall Street Journal - 2nd Dec 2015

We congratulate Professor Bill Harris on having one of his books, The Levant, listed on the Wall St Journal 10 must-read books on the evolution of terrorism. Bill is a much valued member of our community and a more humble man you wouldn’t meet. His humility is surpassed only by his intellect. It was only by fluke we found out that Professor Bill’s book was recommended as above, just the same way we found out his latest book was published by Oxford Press.
Once again, a remarkable achievement Bill. Congratulations on your well deserved successes.

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