Our Beloved Lebanon - Disaster Relief - 6th Aug 2020

To our beloved Lebanon,
Our hearts bleed for you amidst the devastation that you are experiencing. Tragedy has visited your country in many ways over time, but on each occasion your resolve shines through and we trust you will similarly surmount this tragedy that afflicts and wounds so many. Know that our thoughts and prayers go with you in this devastating moment as we watch from afar wishing we were closer.
Please CLICK HERE for accompanying letter to see how you can support in a tangible way. 
Aaanaka Allah,
From the Dunedin Lebanese Community.

The Cedar Personifies Excellence - ODT - 20th Jun 2020

Dr John Hale who is the Otago Daily Times WordWays columnist, wrote this lovely piece called 'The Cedar Personifies Excellence' about our Bronze Cedar Cone at the Dunedin Botanic Garden.

Dr John Hale is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of English and Linguistics at the University of Otago.

Peter George, has achieved international status as a boxing referee. - 25th Feb 2020

One of our community members, Peter George, has achieved international status as a boxing referee. Below is a brief synopsis of the journey that got him there.

"Peter been a NZ amateur boxing referee and judge (R&J) for 12 years and has refereed and judged most of NZ’s top boxers over the years and officiated at NZ championships for the last 8 years.
In 2018 he travelled overseas and sat exams to become an AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) 1 star R&J.
To officiate at Olympic level, 3 stars are required.
During 2019 he officiated twice in Samoa and once in Tahiti and Taipei.
The Taipei City Cup Boxing was a very big international affair. His presence at that meet was very much appreciated by the Asian federations.
In his younger years, Peter won numerous championship titles and was a trialist for the Commonwealth (1970) and Olympic (1972) Games."

The Dunedin Lebanese community is very proud of Peter’s achievements and we wish him every success as an international boxing referee.


President's Report 2019 - 2nd Dec 2019

Please click here for Richard's 2019 President's Report

President's Report 2019

Emma Farry wins at the New York Big Book Awards - 13th Nov 2019

Emma Farry wins at the New York Big Book Awards

We are so very proud to announce that Emma Farry's books have won at the New York Big Book Awards✨
"Beloved" has won best book in the grief category and "Freedom Song" has won a distinguished favourite in the spirituality category at the New York Big Book Award 2019.

Congratulations Emma on this absolutely outstanding achievement, we couldn't be happier that you are receiving this recognition for your beautiful work. <3

Message from Richard below:

Dear Emma,

Congratulations on receiving such prestigious international recognition and awards for your books. Clearly this is a sign of things to come for you. Lyn and I and our family and indeed the whole Dunedin Lebanese community, couldn’t be more proud of you. What makes those awards even more special are the subject matter you have chosen to write about. Your darling mother will be beaming down her beautiful smile as always, but more particularly on this proud occasion and your father will be bursting with pride.

Best wishes for your continued success as an international author.

Warmest regards,



Scattered Seeds Event @ Dunedin Public Library - 16th Sep 2019

Hi Everyone,

The Dunedin Public Library is hosting an event this Wednesday 18th September at 12pm. This event is the first in their Spring Talk Series called "Scattered Seeds - not just a pretty website". Click on the below link to find out more information if you would like to head along :)



Excerpt of Interest - 7th May 2019

Excerpt of Interest Below is a link to an excerpt from a book called “Montpellier” by Mervyn Smith. It describes houses in this area.  56 Maori Road was owned by Martin George's Grandparents, Michael & Zarifie George (nee Loudos). We thought some of you may find this read interesting.  Thank you to Martin George for sending this through.


Wreath Laid for ANZAC Day - 30th Apr 2019

Photos of the beautiful wreath laid by the Dunedin Lebanese Community at the ANZAC Dawn Service in Dunedin.

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